Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disappointing Counts...

The bottom has fallen out of the numbers at Mill Pond starting Wednesday 04-29 through Sunday 05-03.

While there are a couple of counts not yet posted, most of the above days have less then 10 Herring counted for the entire day [that's just what we count, not what the total number of Herring for these days].

Don't know if there will be a second wind, as in prior years, but we'll keep counting for awhile yet.

We're now in Day 18 of the Run this year and the Run ended in prior years as follows:
  • 2008 - Day 36
  • 2007 - Day 23
  • 2006 - Day 27
But interestingly, on Day 18 of prior years, here's what Percent Complete the Run was:
  • 2008 - 87%
  • 2007 - 92%
  • 2006 - 64%
We have completed the counts through Day 14 of this year with a total of 1,242 Herring counted. In prior years the number counted through Day 14 were as follows:
  • 2008 - 3,787
  • 2007 - 1,448
  • 2006 - 400

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Tom Burgess said...


Counted 4 fish today at the jailhouse art 8 AM, but numbers in the upper sluices are now below 100 and the fish that are going over the step are hanging about the area instead of mosying up into the pond directly, i.e. the 3 fish I counted at 7AM ended up as 0 since they all popped back over the step a minute or two later. The 4 at 8 at least cot out of the area after a few minuteds of dawdling.

Tom Burgess